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Chris Long

Info & Stats: NFL Defensive Lineman Free Agent

All Topics: Flint water problems | Clean water | Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for the first time | Going back to Mt. Kilimanjaro | Winning Super Bowl LI | Bill Belichick being the greatest coach of all-time | Looking for an opportunity to play every Sunday |

Mar 17th 2017

Chris on Bill Belichick: “He is the greatest.”

July 28th 2014

All Topics: NFL Training Camp underway | Training Camp being a lot easier now | His dad’s Training Camp compared to now | His dad’s off-seasons | Stress factor of an NFL player | Not playing in a playoff game yet | More hopeful about making the playoffs now | Youth on their team | They’re fast and physical now | Team oriented guys | NFC West being the toughest division in football | Michael Sam | Sam’s presence hasn’t been a distraction | His life after playing football | His dad in the movies |

Chris on Michael Sam coming out: “It was a momentous occasion.”

Chris Long

Nov 13th 2013

All Topics: Beating the Colts 38-8 in Indy | Putting it all together against Indy | A lot left to prove | Bye week | Forgot about the bye week until late in the Indy game | Mental grind being as tough as the physical one | Monday and Tuesday’s after a game | Scoring his first career touchdown | Military | His sack dance | The defenses’ attitude | Thinks they have the deepest defensive lineman in the league | Getting ejected against Carolina | Low point of his career was probably the ejection vs. Carolina |

Chris on the United States Military: “They’re the real heroes.”

Chris Long

Oct 18, 2010:

Topics: Responding with a win over San Diego after losing at Detroit | Mental toughness | Can’t look in the mirror | Took our whipping against the Lions and moved on | Sacks and putting pressure on the Qb’s | Disrupting the Quarterbacks rhythm | Getting after the QB as a unit | 2nd pick overall | Dealing with pressure his whole life | 3 – 3 record | Motor never stops | Playing hard is the only way | Talent in the NFL | Steve Spagnuolo | Coach Spags calling the right plays | Sam Bradford | We love Sam; he’s the most important player on the team | Doesn’t see Sam being fazed |

Chris Long

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