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Chalk-Toss On Hiatus

A couple of big changes with the Cleveland Cavs: The team has been winning and the King has stopped tossing. The Cavs have won 3 in a row and LeBron has put his chalk-toss on hiatus.

Let’s hope he puts it down for good. It might be the most self-aggrandizing moment in sports. I know Cleveland wants to think it’s some sort of salute to the fans. It’s a portrait for his BRAND. It’s a big-time look at me moment. While his 4 teammates are taking the court… He’s making sure everyone takes his picture.

One thing when he was doing it at 21, still immature and growing into himself. But LeBron 3.0… The teacher… The veteran shepherding these young Cavs through the season and showing them how to win? It looks pretty baggy.

Not to mention, a true artist should never step back to his older parlor tricks. Bron ditched that toss when he bounced to South Beach… He shouldn’t have brought it back for his homecoming. You don’t see mega movie star Dwayne Johnson sitting down at junkets and asking if we can smell what the Rock is cooking. Clooney’s not bringing back his ER Caesar lettuce. Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire doesn’t hit Yasiel Puig with a forearm bash. You won’t hear John Depp walking around quoting Scissor Hands. And nobody needs to see LBJ start every game by launching dust into the arena.

Bron said there were a lot of “bad habits” around that team. He was right. And That baggy toss was one of the worst.

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