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Cavs Punk Celtics In Game 1

LeBron went into the Celtics house. And punked them. Again. Just as he always has in that building. And nothing has changed.

They’ve never had a way to slow him down, or prevent him from getting to the rack against them, and they still don’t.

Bad news for the Celtics, coach Brad Stevens says not only is LeBron not slowing down at his advanced age, he’s actually getting better. And is pretty much doing whatever the hell he wants to whoever the hell they put in front of him.

How hard is this guy laughing to himself every time he sees Kelly Olynyk try to stay in front of him. How insulted do you think he is every time they try to guard him with just one dude.

But you almost have no choice, because if you double him, he’s going to make the right basketball play 10 out of 10 times, and Kyrie, or Kevin Love or even Tristan Thompson are going to kill you.

And LeBron was just clowning them. Mocking them. Messing with them. They made the Celtics, a one, look like an 8.

Remember when I said yesterday, I have way too much respect for Isaiah Thomas, Brad Stevens, Danny Ainge and the entire Celtics organization to sit here and say the Cavs were going to sweep them. I would never say that. Sure, they’ll lose in five, but I would never say a crew that tough, with that much heart could ever be swept. I would never disrespect them like that. Yeah. Well. I’m going to go ahead and disrespect them and say the Cavs are going to sweep them.

Because like LeBron said after the game, as bad as that beatdown was, the Cavs can still play even better. And they will.

And now we know why they didn’t kill themselves at the end of the season to get the one seed. Why getting rest and recovering was way more important than getting the homecourt. Because LeBron and the Cavs were rested, it took them all of 3 minutes to rip the homecourt from the Celtics who had killed themselves to get it.

And when LeBron is well rested, has recovered and has the kind of energy he does now, no one in the East has any chance of staying with this guy. So they did the right thing in doing everything they could to conserve their energy late in the regular season. Just as they’re doing the right thing in abusing fools now without wasting energy.

Problem for the Cavs is, Golden State is doing the exact same thing. And from the looks of things, their series with San Antonio is going to be as short as Cleveland’s is with Boston.

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