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Cavs GM LBJ Is Doin’ Work

Cleveland Cavs General Manager LeBron James is doin’ work. GM LBJ hasn’t been on the floor, but apparently he’s been on the phone. Obviously the King hates the team, because he’s taking a scalpel to it. JR Smith is in town, Iman Shumpert’s in town. Still need a big man? Timofey Mozgov- come on down.! The Cavs landed the 7-foot YouTube sensation for….. 2 first round picks?? Dang. Did they get Timofey Mozgov or Timofey Duncan? There wasn’t another 1st rounder, some cash or an ownership stake you could have thrown in to sweeten the deal? I bet Cleveland would have done it.

And that’s actually why I LIKE it so much. Does look a little desperate to mortgage the future on The Moz? Not at all. It looks EXTREMELY desperate. Because they are. They’re not very good. They know it. The clock’s ticking. They know that too. It’s Go time and they’re cooking with gasoline. Those draft picks are for building for years from now. The Cavs are about cashing in RIGHT now.

The team slogan might as well be “Future Schmuture. We’ve got LeBron. We need to win immediately.”

And be honest, 90% of you Twitter Eggs hating this Mozgov trade, are clowning it because of this.

Yes, that’s the Cavs new “rim protector” getting shoelaces dragged across his grill. Yes, his name became a Verb. But since then he’s become a good defender. That was 5 years ago. The Cavs have 2 years with LeBron. If Mozgov can make a difference, two first round picks are a drop in the bucket.

Nice trades, King. Now get back out there and start trading punches. We are all witnesses.

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