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Casey Hayward talks about Nathan Peterman’s NFL starting debut

Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward accounted for two of rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman’s five interceptions in their 54-24 win over the Buffalo Bills. Hayward joined The Jim Rome Show Monday, and was asked if he felt disrespected by Bills head coach Sean McDermott’s decision to break in the rookie against his defense.

“I might have, a little bit,” Hayward said. “They’ve got a proven veteran that’s a really good player, we thought. He does a lot with his feet and his arm, and he doesn’t turn the ball over as much… We got two good edger rushers, probably the top two in the league. And then we’ve got some really good cornerbacks, and really good safeties and linebackers. We were like, I don’t know if they want to do this.

“That’s just in my head, we didn’t talked about it. But in the inside, people thought about it. Like, yo—that’s a little disrespectful to start them against us.”

Hayward knew that history said Peterman would do either really good or really bad in his first career start. And while ultimately Peterman’s start required McDermott to put Tyrod Taylor back into the game, the Chargers still needed to do the preparation.

“You have no expectation. You don’t watch them that much on film so you don’t know them that much,” Hayward said. “So either they do really well, or they stink it up. So odds are we will just try to have him stink it up as much as possible.”

Peterman certainly did that, giving the ball to the Chargers five times, helping Los Angeles score 37 points in the first half. And after a slow start to the season, the Chargers are right back in the mix of an AFC West, 4-6 in a division that hasn’t played up to expectation. Hayward hopes the two interceptions he made on Sunday are the continuation of a turnaround that brings Hayward back Pro Bowl form.

“Never worry about the things in the past, you kind of got to worry about the now,” Hayward said. “Once you become All-Pro and Pro-Bowl people want to beat you. So you know you’re going to get their all each and every week. And that’s what I’ve been getting all season, so I knew what to come in here and prepare for. And that’s what I’ve been doing all season. “

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