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Cards-Panthers Wasn’t A Football Game

Hate to say it, but Cards-Panthers set the sport back about 25 years. That wasn’t a football game. It was a 3 hour infomercial for why the NFL protects its quarterbacks.

Because a playoff team just played 4 quarters without one. No disrespect to Ryan Lindley or anything… And I didn’t expect him to play like Carson Palmer… But he looked like some kind of contest winner.

Was that a fan from the stands? Because I’ve seen college kids chucking footballs into giant Dr. Pepper cans at halftime with more zip on their passes. 78 yards total offense… For the game?? The Cowboys had 76 in one play yesterday. Lindley made Drew Stanton look like Drew Brees.

Sometime around the 3rd quarter, I honestly felt like Bruce Arians could have just put Larry Fitz in the Wildcat every snap and had him run around improvising. It would have worked better.

Ex-Con Ryan LEAF could have played better than Ryan Lindley on Saturday. Just saying. The Cards should have just punted on 1st down and hoped their defense would score. I’ve never seen a playoff offense that bad.

I get that the Shield is the ultimate next man up, league. But it’s also a pro league. Not college. And these are the Arizona Cardinals, not the Ohio State Buckeyes. And next man up doesn’t apply to your quarterback. Not on this level. Especially if it’s your third quarterback.

I love Bruce Arians, but despite what he said, the Cards weren’t winning the Super Bowl with Drew Stanton. And they weren’t winning a single game with Ryan Lindley. Arians is the coach of the year, but that was the worst playoff offense of all time.

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