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“Can’t Knock the Heckle”

I think we’ve all gone to a game and had to sit next to a “heckler.” I don’t mean the drunk throwing F-Bombs or the zero throwing punches. I mean the guy who thinks it’s his job to get in the players’ heads. The dude who will scream “Easy Out” and “No Batter” like he’s dropping straight fire.

Worst of all, this tool thinks he’s actually impacting the game. When the player he’s heckling has a bad moment… He thinks he caused it, with that scorching hot “We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher” blast. As if that pitcher could even hear it from the 2nd mezzanine where dude was screaming it.

And the calling card of the heckler is that he’s unapologetic. He bought that ticket to the game. He’ll be damned if he’d not going to IMPACT the game. Like this heckler the local news found up in Newfoundland. The St. John’s Junior Hockey League has threatened to ban Corey Simms, and he says you “Can’t Knock the Heckle.”

I’d almost give the guy credit for that tiddlywinks smack… If he wasn’t screaming at junior hockey players, and getting accused of blocking an injured player from receiving medical attention.

Dude – it’s not like you’re heckling the Habs or Canucks. You’re about one step away from screaming at high school kids. Heckling junior league hockey is like prank-calling public access television. The parents hate you. The team’s trying to ban you. How can I say this- Tid-a-lee-winks and PlayStation might be best.

You want to heckle, stay at home and throw on a headset.

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