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Canelo v. Triple G

Freaking finally! The fight everyone has wanted. That has been talked about for years. That looked like it would never happen. But we are here. Here we freaking are!

Better late than never. Which I’ll get into in a minute: the last fight that was this big was Mayweather-Pacquiao; the biggest disappointment ever. Nothing ever lives to the hype, but nothing ever lived down to it more than that one. Even Mayweather admitted that.

That’s not this though. I can almost guarantee this one will live up to the hype. Because styles make fights. And Triple G has got the perfect fighting style. He’s always coming forward, he never takes a step back and is only looking to put someone in a body bag. He’s not a defensive fighter, interested only in self-preservation, and trying not to get hit. He’s the most terrifying power puncher in the game. Has been for a long time. And knows the best chance he’s ever had to become a household name: to reach critical mass as opposed to only get the respect of hard core fight fans. He knows what’s at stake. And he’s going to do what he always does: head hunt. Or at least try.

Problem is, it took so long to get his fight made, safe to say, he’s not the same guy he was when it first came up. He’s 35 now. And I that’s not a coincidence either. How long did Mayweather put off fighting Pacquiao. Long enough that by the time they finally did get in the ring, Pacquiao wasn’t nearly the terror he had been previously… Actually smart.

And Triple G would have you believe the only reason this fight finally did get made was because he didn’t knock out Danny Jacobs; and that when it didn’t happen, and it appeared Golovkin had lost something, only then did Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya rush in to make this fight.

Again, frustrating as hell for fight fans who have been waiting for this fight, but smart of Canelo and De La Hoya… Because the fact is, Canelo probably wasn’t ready for this fight then… But he is now.

And while he won’t stand right in front of you, looking to land haymakers the way Golovkin will, he’s not going to back up, he’s a great counter puncher, and the superior boxer of the two.

This is the fight of the year. And the winner will go down as the sport’s best pound for pound, right now: and best of all, you’re not going to feel let down if you throw down for the fight…there are no locks, no sure things: but this is the closest to it there is… Says it here, it will live up to the hype. It will be a war. And we will get our money’s worth. I threw down for it myself

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