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Can You Hear That?

Anybody have the number to Johnny Manziel’s money phone? Because somebody should probably blow ‘em up and let Football know that his offseason is already going terribly.

Good news- I’m talking about you because of what you did on the field. Bad news- your new offensive coordinator and owner obviously think what you did on the field was terrible. Browns offensive coordinator John Defilippo sounds verrrrrry impressed with Johnny. “We’re not sure if our starting quarterback is in the building right now or not.”

Depends which building you’re talking about. The MGM in Vegas? Tryst Nightclub? Pure? Ghost Bar? I’d start there. And I don’t blame Flip for not just anointing Manziel the future. Because he saw the kid look like a practice squad player.

But really in the end, Jimmy Haslam is the guy who matters. He’s the boss. He drafted Johnny. So you know he’s going to come to his first rounder’s defense. “Johnny has to show on and off the field he can be a professional. He knows that.”

Does he? Help me out here, Johnny, the old man says you understand you have to act like a pro. You clear on that?

Right. The new coordinator’s not impressed. The owner isn’t jumping to his defense. And Johnny hasn’t even committed his first off season embarrassment yet. This thing could go ugly fast.

Johnny Football can go from laughing in the clubs’ VIP, to being told they’re at capacity. Can you hear THAT?

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