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Can You Hear That?

Johnny Manziel finally gets his first start Sunday. And it should have happened sooner.

But now that we’re finally here, Browns coach Mike Pettine wants to make sure the kid is dialed in. And buttoned up. And that the Bengals don’t hook him the way the Redskins did during the preseason, because you know they’ll try. And so does Pettine, who made sure to remind the kid of it: “I guarantee anyone who sacks him will stand over him and give the money sign. That’s the price that he has to pay for who he is and the reputation that he brings with him to the NFL. He already got a taste of it in the preseason.”

Oh you mean in the preseason when your #1 pick showed the classic poise and composure of flashing a middle finger in a game that didn’t matter.

This dude is such a live wire. And don’t point to his college career as proof that he can handle the noise. You say he got hated every road game in the SEC, I say he got a personal foul for taunting against RICE.

He’s a hot head, with a short fuse, a big mouth and a big fat target on his back. And every dude under the Shield has been hearing about this cat for 3 years.

You don’t think every last one of them wants to knock Johnny’s ear pad out? Be honest – Wouldn’t you?

At least Johnny’s posse is pretty cool.

Bad news, Deltas… When one of the Bengals tries to hug your boy on 3rd and long, you can’t break his face. And Johnboy try not to draw a flag when somebody makes it rain after a sack. Can you hear that?

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