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Can The GM

Typically, if you see a plane dragging a message across the sky it’s a corporate promotion or a cheeseball marriage proposal. Goobers who pop the question on the stadium jumbotron think proposing with a bi-plane is baggy. But one Jets fan changed the game.

The plane that buzzed the practice field yesterday wasn’t asking a question, it was giving an order. CAN THE GM. A banner reading “Fire John Idzik” was doing laps around Jets practice yesterday, after a female Jets fan dropped a grand to give Gang Green a middle finger.

And I’ll give her props for originality at least. We’ve seen lames pay for billboards. We’ve seen countless hashtags. We watched Dolphins fan turn Jeff Ireland into Jeff Fireland. But this is the memorable air strike since the 2010 Masters when somebody carpet-bombed Eldrick about his “Bootyism.”

And you tell me what’s richer… That Idzik pretended not to see it during practice… That Mike Vick said the money they used for jet fuel should have gone to charity… Or that Big Rex said the message is unfair. I see you working, Rexy. It should have said your name on it too. Maybe the extra letters weren’t in her budget.

But I can break it down for her: Drafting Geno Smith: 5 million dollars. Signing Eric Decker: 15 million GUARANTEED dollars. Getting the GM fired from 5,000 feet: PRICELESS.

No one wants to watch these Jets on Sunday, but we’re all hoping to see that plane over the stadium.

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