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Cameron Heyward on Joey Porter: ‘I think he’s going to be a head coach down the road’

Pittsburgh defensive end Cameron Heyward has high praise for former Steelers icon and current coach Joey Porter. The 4-time Pro Bowler Porter is in his 14th season in the NFL, first as a defensive assistant.

“I love him as a coach,” Heyward told The Jim Rome Show. “He’s been in this defense a very long time and he’s only a couple years removed so he understands the new age offenses, he understands these younger players in a sense.”

Heyward thinks Porter will be running his own team someday.

“I think he’s going to be a head coach down the road just because the way he deals with his players,” said Heyward. “It’s really been a blessing for our young guys to pick his brain, see what he sees, Jarvis Jones, Arthur Moats, Jason Worilds, these guys are benefiting from him because he’s able to see things that a coach might not see.”

The 2011 first round pick also clarified what happened earlier this season when he and his teammates were photographed with Justin Bieber at their bible study.

“I didn’t really hang out with him, he was just there for the chapel,” said Heyward.

Something the 25-year old regrets.

“I grabbed a picture, wrong idea, I think I won’t be taking anymore pictures with Justin Bieber, I’ll tell you that.” said Heyward. “We ended up losing the Jets game and I got a lot of heat for it.”

Heyward did say though he doesn’t believe in a “Bieber curse,” but says believe in it if you want.

“I don’t play into it,” Heyward joked. “But I’m not going to give anybody any extra ammo to think anything otherwise.”

Heyward added that the picture was a complete loss because he didn’t get a Twitter follower from Bieber’s nearly 58 million.

“Yeah, I snapped a pic, and I still didn’t get any followers,” Heyward said.

  • Cameron Heyward
  • Dec 12th 2014

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