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Cam Newton Has Made History

Cam Newton has made history. He’s the first athlete who claims to be hacked on Twitter that I actually believe.

This ISN’T what it looks like. He CAN explain it. The Dog DID eat his homework. And you knew he was either hacked or hammered when @cameronnewton started tweeting that Robert Sherman was overrated, and that he wanted the Panthers to release him. He may believe both for all we know. But there’s no way he tweets it.

Come to find out the surprise isn’t that he got hacked… But that it took this long for someone to highjack his timeline. Tell ‘em why, Cameron. “Lol that was ridiculous. I guess “Camnewton1″ was a bad “password” choice?! Thanks again twitter. #backfromthehack.”

You guess camnewton1 was a bad choice? Password 1? Panthersqb? Your password makes 12345678 look like an uncrackable code. Your name and your jersey number? Sure, you’ll never forget it. But it’ll take maybe 2 tries for a Twitter terrorist to guess it.

Cam… This isn’t your luggage dude. It’s not even a bike lock. You can’t just make the code Triple 0s for convenience. This is why we all get put through the password gauntlet. 10 characters. One Number. One Capital letter. One symbol. One emoticon. One hieroglyphic. One peace sign. One bat signal. And it can’t be the same as your previous password. And that’s BEFORE they make you decipher that string of drunken letters.

Some advice, Cam. Your Twitter password shouldn’t be simpler than your handle. And it should be more complicated than anything on your 3rd and long playcard. Whatever you do… Don’t change it to camnewton2. Or you’ll be right back to the hack by the weekend.

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