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Calm Down, Hippy

Important message for everybody from Twitter Eggs to Late Night Hosts: NO NEW YORK KNICKS JOKES. They’re out of line, out of bounds, and the big hippy on a Harley who runs that team isn’t laughing.

Obviously, Adam Silver was after he watched the Knicks play, because he joked that the team was “clearly still learning” the triangle offense. Of course they are. They’re 2-6. They’re 29th in scoring. Forget running the Triangle, I’m not even sure some of the guys on that team can draw one.

But apparently Philip Jackson heard the Commish’s comment while he was sitting on his front porch with some Earl Grey and a shotgun across his lap. Check out this bitterman. “I wasn’t so humored by the commissioner actually jumping in on top of that, too. He doesn’t need to get in on that. There’s enough focus on the triangle.”

Yeah and tell that Big Meanie that I’m rubber and he’s glue! Shut up, Silver! No YOU shut up! No you shut up first! Phil, I thought you were 95 years old. Why are you acting like you’re 7. Silver was asked point blank about your new offense. It’s been horrible. By saying your guys are still learning… He was being KIND. He had just watched Melo shoot 5-21 in a loss to Detroit. What was he supposed to say- the Knicks look great?? Because right now they look worse than they did before you took over.

It’s not just Adam Silver who’s getting a kick out of your Knicks… we all are. You ARE still learning, you DO look really bad… So hit the peace pipe, roll with it and have a nice laugh. The rest of us are.

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