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Calling Out To C-Town

Calling out to Cleveland – if you want to give Johnny Manziel a hug, one of his wingers wants to give you broken face.

I wasn’t with Manziel last Friday at 2:30 in the morning when the alleged brawl went down. But I didn’t have to be to know what it was like.

Rockstar type athlete, 2:30 in the morning, sports obsessed C-Town, booze, chatter, beatdown.

Browns fan Chris Gonos claims he and his brother are the victims in a beating from the Manziel entourage. Johnny’s agent says there was no entourage, and that Football and his roommate were accosted trying to get to their apartment. It’s he said / he said.

But most important is what one of Manziel’s bosses said. Browns GM Ray Farmer says quote “The timing of the incident is concerning to us.”

I’ll translate that. We’re furious that our internet-famous, backup quarterback is out in middle of the night less than 48 hours before kickoff. And they should be. Who gets into a brawl, in the middle of the night, before a travel game, with their mom in town?! Johnny Football, that’s who.

And the shock isn’t that it happened, but rather that it took this long to happen.

Fact, nothing good ever happens at 2:30 in the morning. And you don’t get in a brawl with your own fans during dinner at 7pm. Period… You have an entire offseason to club hop and hit the town. There are 32 starting qbs in the league who get that. And 1 backup who doesn’t.

And this was a guy who was actually a fan of Manziel’s! What happens when it’s somebody who hates him. Gonos was a hugger, not a mugger, right? If a dude looking for a hug gets beaten down, what happens if someone spits on J. Football: Does he get stabbed? Or Shot? And you know there’s video. And you know we’re going to see it.

Johnny may still be looking for his first NFL TD , but he’s first team-all TMZ. Memo to Browns fans: never go in for the hug, or you’ll get your face caved in.

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