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Business 101

Didn’t take long for the Spanos family to make another incredibly bad decision. And after moving their team to a city where NOBODY wants them, the Chargers doubled down — with new ticket prices that make a Chargers game the MOST EXPENSIVE in the NFL. Maybe I missed the class in college. Is this Business 101? Take a team where NOBODY WANTS THEM. Charge a price NOBODY WILL PAY. See what happens.

That’s the Chargers. When they’re not ripping a team from a town where they’re loved to a place where they’re despised, they’re locking out their first round draft picks, like Joey Bosa. When the Spanos’s aren’t crying poor to the league’s owners and the City of San Diego to build them a new billion dollar facility, they’re moving into a 30,000 seat stadium and then gouging people to pay the difference. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Why WOULDN’T a team temporarily playing in a stadium smaller than any Power 5 College Football Program’s JACK up the prices so that the fans get screwed again.

I want so badly to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Anthony Lynn was SO impressive Super Bowl week. The roster is sneaky good. But then the Spanos family makes another decision that reminds you that they’re one of the most tone-deaf ownership groups in sports.

200 dollar tickets? To see the Chargers? We’re not talking about going to Foxboro, or experiencing Lambeau Field. This is the StubHub Center, in Carson — where you’ll take in the sights and sounds of the 405 Freeway and an iconic Ikea parking lot nearby. Where diehard Chargers fans who HAVENT given up on the team will have to drive an extra 2 hours to spend an extra 100 DOLLARS a ticket from last year’s prices for the right to see a team that got ripped out from under them.

Supply and demand, the Chargers will say. I get that. But Cause and Effect. Bring a team to a city where nobody likes them, and nobody goes to the game. Charge a price that’s INSANELY high and people will choose something else.

And as the Chargers desperately look for a fresh start, the Spanos family reminds us ONCE MORE that they’ll never change.

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