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The Giants are 1 win from a 3rd ring in 5 years… And I’m supposed to be SO IMPRESSED with their Big Lefty. Blah blah Bumgarner. Blah blah complete game.

Open your eyes, people. When everybody’s going one way and hyping some dude…. I’m going the other way and spitting the REAL truth. NO I’M NOT. Hail Maddy Bumgarner. This big freak looks like your Series MVP.

Because the Bum keeps getting better as we go deeper in the calendar. Pick the bummiest bumming of Bumtober. It’s impossible. They would have been one and done if Bum didn’t shutout the Pirates on October 1st. Or how about giving up just 4 hits against the Cards on October 11th? Or just 3 against KC on the 21st? Gimme Sunday the 26th, for the win. 9 innings. No runs. No walks. No shot.

Bruce Bochy let his horse go the full 9… But most of the game was just a waste of time. And why not. This game was essentially over after San Fran scored in the 2nd. The question now is, is thing already over, or will Frisco win it in 7? Why would I ask a question like that? Because someone already asked MadBum if he could go on short rest and he said, “You know it.”

Of course. I love the Royals… and they’re going to be near impossible to close out at home. But if Bruce Bochy does decide to give him the ball in a 7th game, you can all but guarantees Bum slamming 7 beers into his pie hole once it’s over. You know it!

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