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Bruce Feldman talks College Football Playoff committee, Mariota, and Manziel

Later today, the College Football Playoff committee releases their first Top 25 of the season. Fox Sports columnist and author Bruce Feldman talked about what four teams he expects to be atop that list.

“The top two I think are pretty obvious because you have both Florida State and Mississippi State undefeated. I think those are the easy ones,” Feldman told The Jim Rome Show. “After that we’re all guessing. My hunch is they’re going to use as much their definition of who’s the best team over most deserving. I think you will probably at least one SEC team – I would think you will see Alabama, you might see Auburn. I can see Oregon, too, that’s the other one I’d have.”

Feldman also feels as of now Oregon can help their cause with a win over Stanford this weekend, and it could propel their quarterback that much closer to winning the sport’s most cherished prize.

“I feel like this is going to be a chance for Marcus Mariota to grab the Heisman. Now, if he loses this game and goes 0-3 against Stanford, that’s going to be tough to overcome in that regard,” said Feldman. “This is going to be a great statement game to find out just how good Oregon’s offense and Marcus Mariotta really is.”

Feldman also talked about former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, someone whom he covers in his new book, ‘The QB: The Making Of Modern Quarterbacks.’ Feldman believes the Browns quarterback is better served as a backup right now rather than trying to improvise his way through his rookie season.

“One of the guys I talked to for the book, said Johnny Manziel’s greatest strength is he truly believes he can get himself out of anything and that he is unstoppable. His greatest weakness is that he truly believes he can get himself out of anything and he’s unstoppable, and at some point that is probably going to come back to bite him,” said Feldman. “But I think when he gets out and plays, if they get him at least a little more talent around him, I think Johnny Manziel is going to do well because from what I’ve heard, people who are close to him feel like he’s taken some strides maturing. I’m not saying he’s being humbled by not playing right now, but I think it’s a good thing for him for perspective’s sake to take this all in and not get it thrown at him so fast.”

  • Bruce Feldman
  • Oct 28th 2014

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