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Browns Say No To Hard Knocks

The Cleveland Browns’ corporate policy is making terrible decisions. Drafting Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden in the same first round- that’s how they get down.

But they’ve finally strayed from their own mission statement and made a good decision- saying no to the Hard Knocks cameras. The team has said they don’t want to participate in that recycled, dead-tired docudrama that you got bored of years ago.

First of all- have some dignity, HBO. Hard Knocks has been a hard watch for a long time. Last year was Matt Ryan and Mike Smith?? I’d rather watch Franklin and Bash! True Blood thinks this barnacle has clung to the boat 2 seasons too long. Boardwalk Empire is getting bored with you.

And when the Cleveland Browns are saying no to you… it’s time to get in a cab and go home. Especially since coach Mike Pettine has said this week that he doesn’t want to expose Johnny Manziel to additional heat coming out of rehab. Of course not. Guys’ going to get blasted with more cameras walking out of rehab than Lindsay Lohan, the last thing he needs is his own team agreeing to unleash even more on him.

If I didn’t know better- I’d say Hard Knocks is looking to exploit a dude’s struggle with sobriety. Just having a hard time believing that you’re looking to capture the quarterback battle between Josh McCown and Connor Shaw. The only qb battle you want is Johnny Football vs. Johnny Walker… Big ups to the Browns for throwing Manziel a block.

Now the home box office’s only move is to suck up to Oakland and pray the Raiders will do Hard Knocks. At this point, I’ll be shocked if you can even push this dog on the Toronto Argonauts.

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