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Brett Brown on Joel Embiid: ‘he’s very good for the league’

The long road of “Trusting The Process” is finally paying off in Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown’s fifth season. Brown’s 76ers are currently sitting 5th in the Eastern Conference Standings and are playing with a certain aura and brashness best exemplified by star center Joel Embiid.

Brown joined The Jim Rome Show on Friday and talked about the fine line of allowing his guys to be themselves while respecting their opponents.

“You always try to educate on walking that line of respecting the game, playing with an edge and a spirit. I like our guys playing cocky,” Brown said. “I like them playing with an edge, and I really don’t want to water any of that down.”

Brown is all on board with the 23-year-old Embiid being exactly who he is is what you see and is a great look for the NBA.

“You know Joel. He sort of has a mischievous side to him,” Brown said. “There’s a confident side of him that gets everybody going, and by and large, I think he walks that line of respecting the game, making sure that everything is directed toward helping him and his teammates and us. And I think he’s fantastic, I think he’s very good for the league.”

As for the center’s on-the-court play and potential, Brown said his upside is one of a kind and in rarefied historical air.

“His skill package at 7-foot-2 and the variety of ways, you know defensively for sure, but offensively he can dunk, he can be Shaquille O’Neal,” Brown said. “He can come down and be Dirk [Nowitzki], and hit a three. He is a high percentage free throw shooter. He’s got sort of up and under moves when he gets to the post, a little bit like Hakeem Olajuwon did. It’s really hard to say you know he is this player. I think he is a cumulative sort of examples of a bunch of those guys that I just said, which is obviously elite company.”

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