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Brett Brown

Info & Stats: Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach

All Topics: Season approaching | Team injuries already | Drafting Jahlil Okafor | Okafor’s hands remind him of Tim Duncan’s | Biggest challenge with Jahlil | Nerlens Noel | Noel and Okafor playing together | Spacing issues with Okafor and Noel | Outliers of small ball | Taking the job in 2013 | Rebuilding process | Joel Embiid | SI’s unflattering article on Embiid approach to rehab | Challenges with Embiid | Realizes Embiid’s potential | Motivation when things get tough | Middle East trip over the summer | Rick Pitino | Latest Pitino scandal |

Oct 20th 2015

Brett on Jahlil Okafor: “The game comes easy to him.”

  • Brett Brown
  • Oct 20th 2015

Oct 15th 2014

All Topics: Youth of his roster | Jason Richardson being the adult in the room | Showing highlights of Richardson to the team | Nerlens Noel | Noel being young | Development of players | Managing Noel’s health | Wellness | His background | Mindfulness | Growing pains of a young team | Will power DNA | Opportunities | Losing 63 games last season | Leaving San Antonio for Philly | Losing 26 games in a row | Being a runner | Food | Sleep | Stanford sleep program

Brett on the 2014-15 Sixers: “I think we have the youngest team in the history of the sport.”

  • Brett Brown
  • Oct 15th 2014

Oct 15th 2013

All Topics: His career journey | Leaving San Antonio for this job | Going into a new world as a NBA head coach | Gregg Popovich | Pop’s personality | Coaching the Australian National Team | The talent on the Australian National Team | Starting as an AT&T salesmen | Moving to Australia as a 25 year old | Not wanting to spend his time in a suit | Playing for Rick Pitino at Boston University | Learning from Pitino | Talent on his Sixers team | Michael Carter-Williams | Nerlens Noel | Noel coming along slowly | Feels like he has a free year with Noel | Change in culture in Philly | Starting from Ground Zero | His background being more defensive |

Brett on rookie Nerlens Noel: “Down the road, I feel like he’s going to be something special.”

  • Brett Brown
  • Oct 15th 2013

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