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Break Up The Cavs

Break up the Cavs. Because suddenly, they are busting people up. Everyone. They’ve won 12 straight. They’re wrecking shop. And are looking scary as all get out.

And if this is what Bron looks like when he takes two weeks off… Then next year he shouldn’t even play until the All-Star break.

That looks like LeBron in his FIRST Cleveland run. Like he was getting those feeds from Delonte West or Big Z. But even better than Bron getting off the floor – is Kevin Love hitting shots from all over it.

To that question of- When is it finally going to click for this cat? 2/5/15. Last night this dude was right. He wasn’t just a role player, he was a max player. 24 points on 14 shots, got to the line, got to the rack, and went right through Blake and DeAndre to do it.

This wasn’t the Cavs getting fat on some slug in the East, it was them coming alive against some who thought would to be the best in the west. They’re suddenly playing defense, and even better- they’re playing together.

I swear 5 seconds ago David Blatt was getting whacked, Love was going to leave town and Bron was on vacation. Stop wondering how Bron is going to carry this team on his back, and start watching- because it says here he won’t have to. And peacing out of South Beach was still a boss move.

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