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Brandon Spikes on who’s tougher to scheme against, Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning: ‘I definitely have to go with Rodgers’

Buffalo Bills’ linebacker Brandon Spikes says outsiders may have been surprised by the team’s 21-13 win over the Green Bay Packers, but no one in their locker room was. The Packers had won 9 of their last 10 games and, up until that point, a popular choice by many to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

“It was awesome because a lot of people counted us out before the games even played,” Spikes told The Jim Rome Show. “I think the world knows about us (now).”

Spikes talked about his defense holding Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers to 185 yards passing and forcing him into two interceptions.

“We tried to scheme him up a little bit, show him different formations,” said Spikes. “He’s very mobile and we were able to take away his run lanes and his passing lanes and then made plays on the ball. As long as we can play together and play as one unit we can get things done.”

Having faced Denver’s Peyton Manning the week before, Spikes was asked which future Hall of Famer, Rodgers or Manning, is the tougher matchup.

“I would have to say Rodgers without a doubt, not taking anything away from the Sheriff (Manning) because we’ve all known what he’s done with his career,” said Spikes. “But the thing with Rodgers is that he can hurt you both ways: his arm is very strong and his running abilities. He’s not just a sitting duck, you get the pass rushing guys out of their lanes and he can hit you for a 40 yard game with his feet. He’s a very smart player he makes great decisions, so I definitely have to go with Rodgers right now he’s elite man. And that hole week watching film my jaw was dropping and saying ‘wow’ some of the plays he’s making with his feet.”

Spikes is aware the season ends at New England, his former team, and knows it could have playoff implications for his Bills, but says he can’t focus on that right now.

“Oh man, I couldn’t even put that in words for you,” Spikes, said of the possibility of playing New England with a playoff spot on the line. “But you know how it is. I’m just focused on the Raiders right now but I have looked at the last game of the season, I can’t lie about that but it’s all about beating Oakland right now.”

Spikes also shared his nickname for Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, someone he played four seasons with.

“He don’t like it. But I always refer to him as the ‘pharaoh’ because he’s living the life,” Spikes joked. “He’s got the beautiful wife, playing at a high level, he’s the guy in the NFL, he wins all the time, got the great hair. He’s just living the life man, I always tease him about it, it’s all fun and games, he always says ‘quit calling me that Spike,’ but it’s fun man.”

  • Brandon Spikes
  • Dec 17th 2014

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