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Brady Handwatch 2018

Here are the latest updates:

Tom Brady was at practice yesterday. Yes! Great news, Pats fans.

He was wearing gloves on both hands. O.k. not so great news, Pat fans. Dude hates gloves.

He was listed by the team has not practicing. On the Thursday before the conference championship game. Bad news, Pats fans.

Oh and the Vegas line has already moved. And will definitely move again, if and when the team announces Brady can’t go. And that if he can’t go, then Brian Hoyer. Brian Hoyer, who somehow has conveniently forgotten that he’s Brian Hoyer, which I’ll get to in a minute.

See, that’s the risk you run when you go all in with Tom Brady: I know this is a really different cat: different in how he prepares, different in how he obsesses over his mind and body both. Just as I know how well he’s still playing, how quickly he gets it out, how clean his offensive line keeps him, I know all that.

I tell you what else I know… that he’s a 40-year old dude; and was never ever at any point in his life been mobile, or agile. Hell… he couldn’t get out of the way of his own teammate at practice and I know that every quarterback gets hit. So that’s the risk you run in acquiescing to him and trading his back up, errrrrrr, trading Jimmy Garoppolo and having only Brian Hoyer on the roster in the event something bad happens. Because it looks as if something bad happened.

So now we wait. Maybe the Patriots are just being really careful. Maybe they had him skip his media sessions yesterday and Weds because they didn’t want it to become a bigger circus than it already was. Or… maybe it really is that bad.

Who knows?. It’s all speculation now. And we won’t know until we see him on the field on Sunday, and he tries to spin it. But we know this much. Giving up Jimmy Garoppolo for a second rounder looked bad then and it looks a helluva lot worse right now. Should have held on to the guy. Should have been prepared for this very thing. For the worst case scenario. Because this is, and they weren’t.

Which is ironic, because this is the one NFL franchise that is always prepared… for anything and everything. Except this.

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