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Boston Trades Top Pick

I actually like Boston trading out of the top spot. You have to assume by Danny Ainge moving that pick, he’s doing it to set up something else. On top of that, as exciting a player as Markelle Fultz is, he’s not a great fit for Boston. And makes a lot more sense for Philly than he does the Celtics.

Not a great fit for Boston because they already have Isaiah Thomas, a guy in his prime, who needs the ball in his hands. Plus, the Celtics are built to win right now and they need to improve in areas where Fultz probably can’t help them if they’re going to beat Cleveland right now.

So, if he’s not a great fit and it doesn’t address a need, why are you going to keep that pick? You won’t. And Ainge didn’t.

So I like the move, provided Ainge is able to then parlay into a big swing like Jimmy Butler or Paul George. Get one of those guys, and sign Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin and then we’re talking about a team that can possibly not only beat LeBron and the Cavs in the East but also push Golden State.

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