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Boomer Esiason

Info & Stats: Former NFL Quarterback and Current CBS NFL Analyst

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | Baltimore vs. New England | Ravens having success at New England in the past | Joe Flacco | Expects the Patriots to play well | Patriots’ secondary | Aaron Rodgers’ injury | Rodgers’ toughness | Cowboys on the road | Dallas’ running game | Green Bay’s run defense | Clay Matthews | Tony Romo | This is a huge game for Romo | DeMarco Murray | Peyton Manning’s play | Indianapolis Colts | Andrew Luck has to be brilliant | Seattle vs. Carolina | Seattle at home

Jan 9th 2015

Boomer on Joe Flacco: “His play elevates at the biggest time of the year.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 9th 2015

Jan 2nd 2014

All Topics: Happy New Year | Ndamukong Suh’s 1 game suspension being overturned | Thinks Suh should have been suspended | Suh knew what he was doing | Tony Romo vs. Matt Stafford | Arizona vs. Carolina | Playoffs should be re-seeded | Carolina is hot | Ryan Lindley | Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh | Field conditions in Pittsburgh | Joe Flacco | Jim Harbaugh leaving San Francisco | Adam Gase seems like the coach to replace San Francisco | Loves Jim Harbaugh | Rex Ryan’s future | Fits for Ryan

Boomer on if he thinks Suh should be playing Sunday after stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ leg: “No.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 2nd 2015

Dec 19th 2014

All Topics: Jay Cutler benching | Would have benched Cutler sooner | Cutler’s offensive coordinator back stabbing him | Cutler’s heart and head aren’t in the game right now | If he was Cutler he would have probably fought Aaron Kromer | If he was Cutler he’d be pissed off | Can’t see how Cutler and Marc Trestman can trust each other again | Cutler’s future | Cutler’s contract | Cutler’s personality in New York wouldn’t work | Johnny Manziel’s horrible debut | Felt bad for Manziel | Manziel’s expectations were just too much | Not wanting to see Manziel’s arrogance again | Playoffs | The NFC South hosting a playoff game is ridicules | There should be some kind of playoff realignment | DeMarco Murray’s injury | Chris Conte’s comments about life after football | Having most everything he has because of the NFL

Boomer on Chicago benching Jay Cutler: “Probably should have happened a little bit sooner.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Dec 19th 2014

Dec 12th 2014

All Topics: Missing last week’s hit | Johnny Manziel’s first NFL start | Doesn’t know what to expect from Manziel | Manziel’s magic | Mike Pettine wanting Manziel to keep his head | Manziel’s bulls eye on his back | Arizona vs. St. Louis right now | Arizona’s quarterback injuries | Arizona’s defense | Aaron Rodgers | Rodgers’ play | Rodgers playing comfortable | Green Bay being exposed vs. Atlanta | Chicago mess | Aaron Kromer crying in front of the team | Jay Cutler being the source of ridicule | The Bears defense being so bad since Marc Trestman took over | Washington Redskins | Gruden and RG3 | Colin Kaepernick |

Boomer on Johnny Manziel’s first NFL start this Sunday: “I don’t know what to expect really.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Dec 12th 2014

Nov 21st 2014

All Topics: Boomer’s weekend | Oakland getting their first win | Sio Moore’s celebration | Derek Carr | The eye test tells you Carr can throw | Oakland’s next head coach | Denver’s problems | Miami might be catching Denver at the right time | The NFL moving the Buffalo vs. Jets game to Detroit | Thinks Tom Coughlin’s coaching for his job | RG3 | RG3’s post-game comments | Jay Gruden and RG3’s relationship |

Boomer on Oakland getting their first win: “I’m happy for them.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 21st 2014

Nov 14th 2014

All Topics: Sunday | Miami vs. Buffalo | Miami winning an ugly game last night | Miami has a real shot at the wildcard | Buffalo’s struggles | E.J. Manuel | Mark Sanchez | Sanchez was shaky with the Jets | Chip Kelly’s offense | Sanchez is not over thinking everything now | Bruce Arians | Drew Stanton | Arizona vs. Detroit | Chicago disaster | Jay Cutler | Cutler being a diabetic | Cutler’s personality | Marc Trestman | Brandon Marshall | Marshall Twitter fight | Working with Brandon on Inside The NFL

Boomer on Miami: “A real good shot at the wildcard.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 14th 2014

Nov 7th 2014

All Topics: Cleveland Browns beatdown of Cincinnati | Andy Dalton’s having a crisis in confidence | Last night was an absolute disaster for Dalton | Dalton needs a big game | Dalton’s new offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson | Jay Cutler being 1-10 vs. Green Bay | Cutler’s faults | Quarterback qualifications | Mental capabilities of a quarterback | Tony Romo | Romo’s abilities | Romo’s back | Football has given him everything in his life | Team doctors he dealt with | Peer pressure of playing hurt

Boomer on Andy Dalton: “There’s a crisis in confidence out there.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 7th 2014

Oct 17th 2014

All Topics: Cell phone situation | New England Patriots vs. New York Jets | Jets making mistakes at crucial points | Chris Ivory’s play vs. NE | Rex Ryan still getting a lot out of his players | Ryan going into a gun fight with a knife | Jets’ cornerback situation | Dallas Cowboys beating the Seahawks in Seattle | The Cowboys are a damn good football team | Tony Romo’s play this season | DeMarco Murray is a stud | Murray’s workload | Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict being fined for twisting players ankles | Brian Hoyer | Hoyer being a free agent after the season

Boomer on the Cowboys: “They’re a damn good football team.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 17th 2014

Oct 10th 2014

All Topics: New York Rangers season starting | Andrew Luck keeps getting better | Luck will be the highest paid player in the history of the game | New York Jets | Geno Smith missing a team meeting in San Diego | Smith is too immature to be a starting quarterback in the NFL | Adrian Peterson admitting he smoked a little weed before a drug test | Ryan Clark saying Russell Wilson’s the best player in the NFL | Wilson’s intuition | His son, Gunnar

Boomer on Andrew Luck: “Is getting better and better.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 10th 2014

Oct 3rd 2014

All Topics: Running on some 5-hour energy | Thursday Night Football | Money | Christian Ponder’s future in the NFL | Teams reaching on quarterbacks | Fans not having much patience | Geno Smith vs. San Diego | EJ Manuel needing to grow up | Social media |

Boomer on Christian Ponder’s future in the NFL: “I don’t think it’s good.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 3rd 2014

Sept 26th 2014

All Topics: Derek Jeter’s final at bat in New York | Jeter’s character | Jeter in the big moment | Jeter is everything he’s made up to be in New York | Playing in New York | Larry Donnell | Donnell’s 2014 Season | The Giants offensive line is playing better | Kirk Cousins play vs. Giants | Peyton Manning complaining about the overtime rules | Philadelphia vs. San Francisco | Twitter pic of Boomer Bar |

Boomer on Derek Jeter: “Has always been a guy that’s lived up to the moment.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Sept 26th 2014

Sept 19th 2014

All Topics: Crazy week in the NFL | Roger Goodell’s presser later today | Off the field problems in the NFL dominating headlines | The Vikings handling of the Adrian Peterson situation was embarrassing | Greg Hardy situation | Jonathan Dwyer’s arrest | Atlanta’s beatdown of Tampa Bay last night | Not a big fan of Thursday night football | Buffalo Bills | The book is still out on EJ Manuel | Toby in Houston reset

Boomer on the Buffalo Bills: “The book is still out on EJ Manuel.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Sept 19th 2014

Sept 12th 2014

All Topics: Baltimore beating Pittsburgh last night | Controversial hits last night | Ray Rice elevator video | The elevator video made him angry | The victim of the video is Janay Rice | Ray Rice’s future | 2nd chances in America | Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case | The backlash of Rice’s initial two game suspension | Prosecutor in Atlantic City slapping Rice on the wrist | The Commissioner being in over his head with the Rice case |

Boomer’s reaction to watching the Ray Rice elevator video: “It made me very angry.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Sept 12th 2014

Sept 5th 2014

All Topics: Seattle vs. Green Bay last night | Russell Wilson is clearly in control of the offense | Seattle’s home field advantage | Richard Sherman’s play | Aaron Rodgers shying away from Sherman | Derek Sherrod’s play | Bryan Bulaga’s injury | Eddie Lacy’s status | San Francisco 49ers | San Francisco’s problems | Colin Kaepernick should put up big numbers against Dallas | Johnny Manziel | Manziel is not ready to play in the NFL yet | Manziel is just not mature enough | Manziel’s reputation | Cleveland’s fan base | Derek Jeter’s treatment |

Boomer on Russell Wilson: “clearly in control of the offense.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Sept 5th 2014

Jan 31st 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | Happy the game is in New York | Buzz in town | Weather on Sunday | Richard Sherman has been great since his post-game interview | Colin Kaepernick’s comments on Sherman | His rivalry with the Houston Oilers back in the day | Warren Sapp vs. Michael Strahan | Sapp should act like a Hall of Famer | Strahan has Hall of Fame credentials | Ever since Warren has retired he’s become mean and angry | Marshawn Lynch | Lynch being difficult | Will call the Super Bowl | Taking Seattle | Bumping in to old friends on Radio Row | Bob Golic

Boomer on Warren Sapp: “He’s a Hall of Famer, he should act like one.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 31st 2014

Jan 24th 2014

All Topics: Jim’s horse Shared Belief | Richard Sherman’s post-game interview | Thinks Sherman made a mistake with his interview antics | Sherman’s play | Sherman and Crabtree should keep their beef to each other on the field | Russell Wilson’s play against San Francisco | Weather for the Super Bowl | Winds in New York | Weather will be a factor in the Super Bowl | Peyton Manning adjusting in the wind | Seattle’s defense | Pete Carroll will attack Manning | Playing for Carroll was great |

Boomer on Richard Sherman’s post-game interview: “I think he made a mistake.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 24th 2014

Jan 17th 2014

All Topics: Kellen Winslow and Davone Bess trending this morning | New England Patriots plan Sunday vs. Denver | Bill Belichick vs. Peyton Manning | Belichick will take chances | PHD level of football in the AFC Championship game | Chris Harris Jr. out for the Broncos | Patriots wideouts | Stevan Ridley | Taking New England Sunday over Denver | NFC Championship game | Wilson vs. Kaepernick | Kaepernick being spot on in the playoffs | Taking Seattle over San Francisco | Super Bowl weather |

Boomer’s prediction on Broncos vs. Patriots: “I’m taking New England.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 17th 2014

Jan 10th 2014

All Topics: Has no questions about Peyton Manning in the playoffs | Chargers vs. Broncos | Mike McCoy advantage | Chargers having a punchers chance | Doesn’t understand Manning doubters | Football is the ultimate team game | Denver’s defense | Seattle vs. New Orleans | Saints beating the Eagles | Jimmy Graham needing the ball | Thinks San Fran will beat Carolina | Cincinnati Bengals | Andy Dalton struggling against the Chargers | CBS Sports Network Show |

Boomer on if the Chargers can beat the Broncos: “They have a punchers chance.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 10th 2014

Jan 3rd 2014

All Topics: Around 8 degrees in New York right now | Super Bowl weather | Chris Kluwe’s piece on Deadspin | Kluwe’s allegations against some of his former Viking coaches | Kluwe’s allegations against Mike Priefer | Kluwe having a down year in his final season in Minnesota | Wildcard Weekend | KC vs. Indy | Andrew Luck | New Orleans going to Philly | Saints on the road | Drew Brees | San Diego vs. Cincy | Jay Cutler’s deal | Bears offense | Johnny Manziel in the NFL | Loves watching Manziel | Manziel’s edge | Manziel gets it done |

Boomer on Johnny Manziel: “I love watching this kid play football.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 3rd 2014

Dec 13th 2013

All Topics: San Diego beating Denver | Broncos should be concerned | Josh McCown’s game against Dallas | Wouldn’t bench McCown | Pressure is on Jay Cutler | Marc Trestman going with Cutler | RG3’s benching | Washington Redskins political mess | Thinks Mike Shanahan would love to be fired right now | Fantasy guy should take Kirk Cousins | Shanahan’s reputation | Shanahan is a great coach who happens to not get along with RG3 |

Boomer on Josh McCown’s play: “He deserves to be on the football field.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Dec 13th 2013

Dec 6th 2013

All Topics: Gary Kubiak fired by Texans | Unfortunately Kubiak’s quarterback Matt Schaub let him down | Kubiak being a good coach | Seattle vs. Saints | Russell Wilson being light years ahead of his age | Percy Harvin | Colin Kaepernick | Kaepernick playing better lately | Seattle vs. San Francisco | Aaron Rodgers | How to handle Rodgers | Jets fan video | His last game as a Jet | Twitter generation | Robinson Cano’s decision to take Seattle’s money |

Boomer on Gary Kubiak being fired by Houston: “Unfortunately his quarterback let him down.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Dec 6th 2013

Nov 22nd 2013

All Topics: Alex Rodriguez Arbitration Hearing | New Orleans vs. Atlanta last night | Saints are probably happy they just got out of Atlanta with a win | Saints being a different team on the road | Seattle vs. New Orleans | New England-Carolina ending was very disappointing | New England vs. Denver Sunday Night | Bill Belichick vs. Peyton Manning | RG3’s comments against Philly | RG3 took a shot at his players and coaching staff | Jerry Jones bringing back Jason Garrett next year | Colin Kaepernick | Kapernick’s confidence | Michael Crabtree possibly returning Monday Night |

Boomer’s thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s play: “I think his confidence is in the tank.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 22nd 2013

Nov 15th 2013

All Topics: Indy is a contender | Colts still dealing with Reggie Wayne loss | Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver | Alex Smith | Big game for Smith vs. Denver | Dwayne Bowe being allowed to play Sunday | Not a big fan of the Jets bringing in Ed Reed | Colin Kaepernick taking a step back | 49ers are sixth in the NFC Playoff race | Percy Harvin coming back Sunday possibly | Seahawks offensive line injuries | No high school football tonight |

Boomer’s thoughts on the Jets signing Ed Reed: “I wasn’t a big fan of it.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 15th 2013

Nov 8, 2013

All Topics: No place for bullying in locker room | Good to finally hear from Jonathan Martin’s representation | Report that Dolphins coaches told Martin should punch Richie Incognito in the face | Never seen anyone bullied in a locker room | Dolphins say they knew nothing was going on | Other players could be implicated | Not necessarily the right way for Martin to handle it | Have seen teammates in the past fight over racial issue | Disconnect between Dolphins players and Martin | Outside influences on Martin | Brandon Marshall had smartest thing to say on situation | Physical hazing has no place | Incognito hasn’t played his last down |

Boomer on Miami Dolphins’ bullying: “Those players in the Dolphins locker room are rolling their eyes.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 8, 2013

Oct 25th 2013

All Topics: Tampa Bay falling to 0-7 | Greg Schiano’s style | Schiano is a good guy | Can’t imagine Schiano has much time left in Tampa | Rodney Harrison’s comments on Josh Freeman’s concussion | Harrison questioning Freeman’s concussion | He never questioned a teammates injury | Rams allegedly reaching out to Brett Favre | A lot of respect for Favre | Vince Young being mystified | Jeff Fisher not wanting to deal with Young again | NHL | His drive

Boomer on Greg Schiano: “Can’t imagine him having much time left there in Tampa.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 25th 2013

Oct 18th 2013

All Topics: Jim Irsay’s comments on Peyton Manning’s time in Indy | Manning will be motivated beyond motivated Sunday night in Indy | Thinks the Broncos-Colts game will be high scoring | Pressure on Andrew Luck | Rob Gronkowski being cleared to play by his agent | Jets vs. Pats | Nick Foles vs. Michael Vick | Foles accuracy being superior to Vick’s right now | RG3 | Anquan Boldin’s comments about Thursday night football | Totally agrees with Boldin

Boomer on Peyton’s return to Indy Sunday night: “He’ll be motivated beyond motivated.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 18th 2013

Oct 11th 2013

All Topics: Jim’s appearance on “The NFL Today” | Buffalo starting Thad Lewis at quarterback against Cincy | Cincy needing more from Andy Dalton | Dalton should pattern his game after Joe Flacco | Boomer calling the Bengals-Bills game for CBS | Loves calling games | Thursday games | Bears vs. Giants last night | Eli Manning | Eli’s 3 picks vs. Chicago | Eli’s decision making | Geno Smith | Smith’s play vs. Falcons | Dick Lebeau will make it difficult on Smith this Sunday | Jerry Jones moral victory | Tony Romo | Romo’s decision making | Romo needing to get that little bit of Brett Favre out of him | Romo on Seattle or Cincy |

Boomer on Tony Romo: “I think he’s a great quarterback.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 11th 2013

Oct 4th 2013

All Topics: Josh Freeman being released by Tampa Bay | Personality conflicts going on in Tampa Bay | This league’s about quarterbacks | Greg Schiano being a hard-nosed guy | Freeman’s future | Houston Texans not finishing against Seattle | Houston’s play calling | Matt Schaub | New York wideouts complaining about not getting the ball | Keyshawn Johnson’s era of wideouts | Peyton Manning | Dallas Cowboys chirping about Manning | Cowboys can’t cover the middle of the field |

Boomer on the problem in Tampa Bay between Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano: “Personality conflicts.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Oct 4th 2013

Sep 27th 2013

All Topics: Niners vs. Rams last night | Thought Colin Kaepernick played well last night | Frank Gore’s play was impressive | Forty Niners health | Aldon Smith | Sam Bradford’s struggles | Bradford needing to figure it out quickly | Bradford’s future | Josh Freeman | Freeman’s concerning signs last year | Freeman missing the team photo is all he needs to know | Freeman not applying himself | Peyton Manning’s play | Thinks the Broncos will be in the Super Bowl if they stay healthy | Peyton’s preparation | RG3 | RG3 being in the recovery stage |

Boomer on Josh Freeman’s problems in Tampa Bay: “He’s not applying himself.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Sep 27th 2013

Jan 18th 2013

All Topics: Conference Championship previews | Baltimore Ravens vs. New England | Zone read offenses in the NFL now | Aaron Rodgers’ comments about the zone read | Tape | Best way to intimidate a quarterback is to hit him | Colin Kaepernick | Atlanta’s best doesn’t beat San Francisco best | Roddy White being sensitive | Manti Te’o story | This Te’o story won’t affect his Draft status | Ronaiah Tuiasosopo needing to come forward and explain himself | Sometimes kids do stupid things |

Boomer on Colin Kaepernick’s performance against the Green Bay Packers in their NFC Divisional matchup: “Breathtaking.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan. 18, 2013

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