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Bones Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

UFC head Dana White may need to rethink this thing. Because after seeing Jon Jones dispose of Daniel Cormier, it’s fair to wonder if there’s any human, anywhere that can beat this guy.

White may have to throw this dude in the Octagon and let him fight wild animals. I’d pay to watch Bones fight a bear. I know no human can beat him. Because Daniel Cormier really wasn’t even close.

That wasn’t just another name on the Bones Jones body count. That’s the guy who was supposed to end it. An undefeated fighter, an Olympic wrestler with a very different body type and style who was supposed to frustrate Jones in this fight. And he did. Bones looked really frustrated that it took about 40 seconds to take Cormier down for the first time in his MMA career. And that he only did it 4 more times in the fight. And that he had to wait 5 rounds to hit him with that DX Crotch Chop. Quoting the champ: “Sorry I’m being classless right now. I don’t like DC and that’s why I’m being this way.”

DC gave him a better fight in the press conference melee. Cormier had the crowd, he had “Break Bones” trending all night, but ended up getting taken down for the whole fight.

Everybody loses in MMA. Bones will too eventually. But right now the only way the baddest man on the planet loses is if he fights Cain Velasquez or there’s a lion in the cage.

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