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Bones Jones Has Finally Spoken

Jon Jones has finally spoken. The last deet we got from the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ was that he bounced from Rehab after one just night. And if you’re looking for some elaborate explanation as to why a guy who makes his living with his body would put blow into it before a fight… you’re not getting it.

He admitted to Fox Sports, that sure he’s experimented with the Bolivian Marching Powder…as well as some other illicit drugs: – “I’ve dipped and dabbled in my share of partying.”

And there was the one time you dipped and dabbled and snorted and hovered right before the biggest fight of your life.

This isn’t some stock broker who pops a Ritalin during club night, or rolls on E in Vegas. It’s a professional fighter on the marching powder. What do they say about drug problems- the second you choose the drug over family or work… you have a problem.

Bones- you failed a drug test, you failed your sponsors, you failed your sport. And yet you swear you don’t have a problem.

Jones reminds me of the hilarious drinker who wears a t-shirt that reads I don’t have a drinking problem. I drink. I get drunk. I fall down. No problem. Bones should rock that phrase into the octagon: I coke. I fight. I win. No problem! But you have a big one, Bones. You got a DUI and an F on a drug test. Maybe you get nice and clean before you get back in the cage.

Because MMA’s most dangerous striker is sitting on two strikes. , and… Conor McGregor is one huge win from ripping your status as the sport’s biggest star.

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