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Bo Ryan on Kentucky: ‘They’re 38-0 for a reason’

For the second consecutive season, Wisconsin faces Kentucky in the Final Four. Badgers head coach Bo Ryan says this season’s scouting report on the Wildcats is even harder and still has him looking for chinks in Kentucky’s undefeated armor.

“Where’s the weakness?” Ryan asked The Jim Rome Show. “After looking at x-number of films yesterday, you’d like to find a spot where you can maybe attack or something to stay away from, but with them, I think it’s harder this year; they’re 38-0 for a reason, they’re better than last year.”

Ryan says there’s several levels to Kentucky’s greatness and hopes they don’t bring their A-game against his Badgers Saturday night.

“To beat a team like Kentucky, they have to be a little bit off, to have a chance, and you have to shoot it well,” said Ryan. “For them, their size, the way they’re going inside-outside, the (Aaron and Andrew) Harrisons have been there both years, (Willie Cauley-)Stein was hurt last year. (Karl-Anthony) Towns is new, their size and they clean up each other’s messes around the basket so well.”

Ryan also talked about how much he’s enjoyed his current team and says don’t let their loose behavior off the court fool you because this group has a rare ability to separate work and play.

“It’s been a joy. When they get on the court and we go over film it’s all basketball, its dedication to the task at hand. But they’re smart enough and witty enough to understand that college, you can’t be a robot, it’s not a robotic process,” Ryan said. “So their students, they express themselves in the classroom there, most of my guys are very engaged in their classes academically. I’ve heard from several professors about that. So this is really a great group who has that combination of were going to have a good time while were in college, and express ourselves and do this, do that, but when we get on the court and it’s time to go to work, its time.”

  • Bo Ryan
  • Apr 1st 2015

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