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Bill Romanowski on the Pats deflating footballs: “Hats off to them”

4-time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski said he doesn’t have any problem with New England if they are deflating their footballs; in fact, the former linebacker gave props to the Patriots for trying to get an edge.

“Hats off to them,” Romanowski told The Jim Rome Show on Radio Row. “I don’t look at it as cheating. [Tom Brady] has to throw the football, somebody has to catch it. Tom Brady knows, he touches that ball every day, he throws it every single day, he knows right down to the detail of the exact feel he wants. That to me is just knowing what you want, and how you want it and getting that on Sunday. I don’t believe it’s cheating.”

The accusations of cheating against the Patriots brought Romanowski back to his playing days of using Vaseline and Silicon for an advantage.

“I put it on my jersey front and back and I knew if they couldn’t hold me they couldn’t block me,” said Romanowski. “I learned that from the San Francisco 49ers.”

Romanowski came clean on how many of his former teammates partook in such activities.

“Our entire team in San Francisco, offensive and defensive line, and linebackers used silicon,” said Romanowski.

The 48-year old also said the heat the Patriots get for Spygate isn’t fair.

“Here’s another thing when they’re talking about the film-gate, where they were filming signs from the coaches,” Romanowski said. “Every single game, every team I played on, we tried to steal signals; the Patriots just did it better then the teams I was on.”

As for Hall of Famer and former teammate Jerry Rice’s comments about if the Patriots were to win Super Bowl XLIX there’d be an asterisk next to it because of Deflategate.

“Oh my god, give me a break,” said Romanowski. “No, you know what I’m going to slap on them: a Super Bowl ring.”

  • Bill Romanowski
  • Jan 27th 2015

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