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Bill O’Brien

Info & Stats: Houston Texans Head Coach

All Topics: Ryan Mallett did a good job for his first start | Explains why he went with Mallett | Their system | Mallet growing in the system | Their system takes time to learn | Experience | Big difference between college and pros | His adjustment in the NFL | J.J. Watt | Watt’s athletic ability | Can’t compare Watt to anyone | Jadeveon Clowney | Watt’s influence on Clowney

Nov 20th 2014

Bill on Ryan Mallet’s first NFL career start: “Overall he did a good job.”

  • Bill O’Brien
  • Nov 20th 2014

Jan 14th 2014

All Topics: Deciding to leave Penn State | Great experience at Penn State | Missing a lot about the NFL game | Meeting with Houston | Houston Texans roster | Evaluating this roster now | Off-season | Johnny Manziel | NFL Draft | Manziel is a very exciting player | His comments to Pennlive.com on the “Paterno People” | Feels bad about the PennLive conversation | Penn State being a special place | Penn State hiring James Franklin | Trying to reach all his Penn State players and recruits to tell them why he was leaving | His son, Jack | Spending time with George H. W. Bush recently

Bill on Johnny Manziel: “A very exciting player.”

  • Bill O’Brien
  • Jan 14th 2014

Sep 5th 2013

All Topics: Very important to start the season off with a victory over Syracuse | True freshmen quarterback Christian Hackenberg debut | Hackenberg’s demeanor | Hackenberg committing to Penn State before the NCAA sanctions and still sticking with them | Film review | Always shows his team his mistakes too | Learning from Bill Belichick | Can’t always be pointing your finger at everyone and not yourself | Last season | The kids that decided to stay at Penn State | The alums | Big on the history of Penn State football | The scandal being a part of the Penn State history | Child abuse being one of the most horrible crimes of all time | A lot of former Penn State players playing in the NFL right now | His son Jack having a rare neurological order | Coaching Aaron Hernandez in New England | Sad situation with Hernandez |

Coach O’Brien on the kids that stayed with Penn State after the NCAA sanctions were leveled: “Some special dudes.”

  • Bill O’Brien
  • Sep 5th 2013

Jul 26, 2012:

Bill on if he’s ever second guessed his decision of becoming head coach at Penn State: “Never.”

  • Bill O’Brien
  • Jul 26, 2012 Interview

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