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Biggest Gag In Team History

Look around right now, I bet you work with somebody saying Screw It. Somebody who’s indignant about working during Christmas week, so he’s just going through the motions and mailing it in on the company dime. We all know this guy. The Houston Texans do. Because they just punked this guy.

The Baltimore Ravens can’t be bothered to show up for work during the Holidays. For who? For what? They’ve been breaking their back carrying this company all year… And right about now… They just want to beat it out of office, dive into the egg nog, stuff their fat faces with ham, and get their Griswold on.

Take Executive Vice President Joe Flacco. He decided to shut it down early, dropped a 0.0 rating in the first half, and had one of the worst games of his career. Mr. Flacco – what happened out there? Get that man a chocolate reindeer and freshen up his bourbon. The 100 million dollar chise just got out played by Case Keenum, who wasn’t even on the team a week ago. You might as well have started Christmas early, Joe. Because if the VP doesn’t want to work, none of the employees under him are going to. And in the middle of a playoff fight, nobody playing for the Ravens even wanted to be there.

Is Baltimore supposed to be a team of battle-tested veterans who have rings and understand December Football? That was a joke. That was coming to work in your pajamas. Why even bother? Sorry you had to be bothered to come into the office this week, guys. But here’s your Christmas bonus. I know you reeeeaaaly wanted some time off, so lie down like that again next week and you’ll get 8 months of it.

What better tag for the most embarrassing year in franchise history than the biggest gag in team history? Happy New Year. See ya next year.

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