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Big Blue National Champs, Book It

Kentucky coach John Calipari is right. He does have the best team in the country. But that still doesn’t guarantee jack. The best team doesn’t always win.

And considering they have a shot at going down as the best college team of all time if they run the table and go 40-0, they have the biggest bull’s-eye ever on their back. One bad night and it all gets blown up. It’s a wasted season.

Well, it would be for anyone, but Kentucky. To beat them, you need size, depth and all of your guys to get hot at the same time, while having all of theirs no-show. And that’s just not going happen.

No, the ‘Cats aren’t a great shooting team but no one else is good enough to show them down and make them trade J’s with them. The Cats, are too athletic, too long, too deep, too motivated and too active defensively to lose. I’m not saying they can’t lose. I’m saying they won’t.

And I love that they just “forgot” to cut down the nets after ripping the SEC tourney title. This crew wasn’t looking for a trophy for beating Arkansas any more than they were going to hit Cal with a Gatorade shower. No dancing in the locker room. No crazy reaction on the selection show. And no chirping on twitter.

This team isn’t about cutting down souvies, they’re about hanging a banner, and it says here, that’s exactly what they’re going to do in less than three weeks. Big blue national champs. Book it.

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