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Big 12 To The Kids Table

What up, Waco? How you feeling, Ft Worth? The Playoff Committee’s 12 members just kicked the Big 12 to the kid’s table. Verrrrrrry slick trying to sneak in that unveiling right before NFL kickoff on Sunday.

Didn’t matter when you drop that bomb… It was going to start a Big Ten bash and a Big 12 riot. Bama, In. Ducks, In. Noles, You know it. Buckeyes?? Welcome to the party, pals.

That’s what happens when you annihilate Wisconsin in your conference championship game just hours earlier. The committee can hem and haw about what got Urban Meyer into the bracket. It’s a waste of breath. Ohio State’s in the because they beat the Badgers to death. But meanwhile TCU and Baylor were having a battle, right? Big 12 Title game, baby. ROLL IT. EHHHHH.

If those teams played each other on Saturday, one of them’s probably playing on New Year’s Day. They didn’t, it’s not their fault, but now they have to find out how the Peach and Cotton Bowl taste.

The conference that pops off about having “One True Champion” churned out co-champs, and committee chairman Jeff Long flat-out said the Buckeyes beating a quality opponent in the 13th game got them in.

TCU and Baylor are enraged. Especially Baylor who beat TCU head-to-head, and knows the Big 12 presenting them as co-champions to Committee hurt a lot more than it helped. You Big 12 honks can be as bent as you want; just don’t tell me you’re surprised.

4 slots for five major conferences meant someone was getting jammed. Now go add a couple of teams, schedule up out of conference, and go root for URB to gets smacked by four touchdowns.

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