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Best Work Day Of The Year

WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!! The Madness is the best event in sports. And Day 1 may be the best day of the tournament. That means you and I are sitting smack dab in the middle of the best sports day of the year. Of ANY Year.

I know this. I don’t care if you’re watching at the wing bar crushing bloodies, or at your desk with 6 different browser tabs open Im’ing your buddies. It’s your best WORK day of the year. I know it’s mine. Because I’m chewing on off season NFL and the stretch run in the NBA on any other spring Thursday. But on THIS Thursday? I’m stuffing my face. A straight fire smorgasbord. UAB- Iowa State. Texas Southern – Arizona. Georgia State- Baylor. Northeastern-Notre Dame.

I’m more excited to watch the Fighting Irish play a 14-seed today than I was to watch Rocket Ismail and Bus Bettis play in their heyday. The Western Conference is loaded? They can wait. Because so is the West Regional. Golden State vs. The Grizzlies? See you in a couple months. Badgers vs. Coastal Carolina? SEE YOU IN A COUPLE HOURS.

The entire country is going to have a college hoops hangover Friday morning. And then we’ll hit the hair of the dog with another SIXTEEN tipoffs tomorrow. I’m hitting the 5 Hour Energy. Because we’ve got 5 rounds before we even get to the title game. The Shield runs this country. But The Madness runs this month. Drink it up. Merry Sports Christmas, and a Happy New Beer.

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