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Best Team In The League

I’d love to hype the Clip Show for winning 9 games in a row. But their biggest rivals won’t let me.

You can’t geek on somebody’s Mercedes when their neighbor pulls up in a Ferrari. And the Golden State Warriors are like: That’s cute. 9 in a row? We did that 5 wins ago. 14 straight for Golden State. And the Warriors are 19-2 if you need them.

And I know, I know… every NBA Hater and all the Spurs honks are asking the same thing: Who the hell cares? It’s the regular season. They could win 50 in a row. It means nothing. It means they’d have home court, haters.

They keep ripping wins, and the basketball that “matters” will go through that Madhouse.

And if you’re hating on them, it means you’re probably afraid of them. And you should be.

Because you’ve gotta drop a buck-20 to beat them. They’ve always been electric; it’s just always been a matter of whether or not they were going to take the next step.

And it looks as if Steve Kerr is the man with the plan. Why do you think Phil Jackson wanted him so badly in New York. For the same reason Kerr wouldn’t go anywhere near that dumpster fire. Dude is smart. Kerr is playing it off like he just sits there on the bench after inheriting all these great players. Which he did. But he didn’t inherit a great team. But two months in and they’re the best team in the league.

I get that it’s about winning 4 at a time in the playoffs, and not 14 in a row in December. But this is already a team nobody wants to play in May. This is a man’s game. Tell em, Steph!

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