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Best Show In The Association

Reason #9 trillion why living on the West Coast rules: It’s where Steph Curry balls. How many of you around the country didn’t get to watch the Warriors last night? How many have never once seen the Warriors? They tip at 10:30 Eastern, which means you tap out in the first quarter. If you’re East of the Mississippi you didn’t even know Steph went for 51 until you checked your Twitter this morning.

I’d say it’s uncool. But it’s really unfair. The best show in the Association and maybe the best shooter ever should be witnessed by all of America. Just ask the Dallas Mavericks. They did pretty much what I did last night- hung out and watched the lights get shot out.

Steph had 10 threes. 26 points in the third quarter. But he was still missing that one final dagger……

That’s the stuff! And Mark Cuban has the same look on his face watching Steph shoot fish in a barrel as he did when some shark tanker pitched him an energy drink for Cougars.

And to the rest of the country, if you’re not watching the Warriors, who are you watching? The Knicks? The Celtics? The Nets? Hell no. Adam Silver should make Golden State play more Eastern road trips so everybody can get in on their act. Until then — either move West, set the DVR, or smash a five hour energy. Trust me- whenever there’s a game for Golden State, you’ve gotta stay awake.

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