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Best MVP Race In Years

James Harden just dropped a career high. 51 points of pure electricity. And this MVP race feels like a Presidential Election.

Each candidate is on a breakneck whistle stop tour to speak in every barn and show up in every town hall to let the people see them ball before they hit the voting booths.

Tuesday Night Governor Curry from California humbled Chris Paul to secure his home state, and then last night Senator Harden from Texas put on a personal showcase in the lone star state.

Standing ovation! His ninth 40+ game this season. 8 of 9 from three. The distinguished Mr. Harden did everything but kiss a couple babies. And this candidate just won’t go away. The Beard just won’t give Steph Curry that call to congratulate him. You know these dudes are campaigning their backsides…. Best MVP race in years and LeBron’s barely even in it.

The King doesn’t get to be Commander in Chief. In fact if this was politics, he would have pulled out 2 months ago and thrown all in with Steph’s. Shoot, Crazy Congressman Westbrook had ANOTHER triple double last night – and Russ is nothing but a wacky Ross Perot trying to rattle the other candidate’s cage.

The 2015 MVP race is closer than the 2000 election – and this voter is still voting Curry. The Beard picked the wrong year to get weird. 61 wins for the Warriors, without Curry they’re somewhere around 40. Better shooter, better defender, better passer – Steph’s an all-around better player, and he’s the Associations most valuable.

Love that Harden refuses to make the concession, but President Curry wins this election. I’m Jim Rome, and I approve this message.

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