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Benched For Chad Henne?

This is the Jim Rome Show, but I’m never looking to make it about me. I could, if I wanted to, but this isn’t just about me. That’s why I shook it off when people said I was crazy to lead the show with a take on the Jacksonville Jaguars last Wednesday. Because it’s not about me. And then when people said, you can’t do it again, I didn’t take it as a personal challenge, but I did do it again, two days later. Again, not personal, just where the show took us. They said it was unprecedented to have two takes on the Jags in three days and when they said there’s no way you can do three takes in five days, I didn’t take it as a personal challenge. I didn’t seek out Jags news just so that I could do the impossible.

I’m not Ricky Davis intentionally missing a shot to grab the rebound just to get a triple double, that’s not my style. But then came the Dante Fowler Jr arrest report and along came history.

Three Jags takes in five days. That’s the DiMaggio hit streak or Ripken’s consecutive games record of Jags takes. You can carve that number in granite, it’s not coming down. No way someone could do four Jags takes in seven days. That’s impossible, they said. That’s the two-minute mile, they cried. Watch me, I said.

Because now we have news that Chad Henne will be starting for Jacksonville tonight against Carolina. Put it another way, Blake Bortles has been benched for Chad Henne.

And Jags twitter took that news about as well as you’d expect.

@Demetrius82: My God, man.

@hankjones: Lmfaoooo

@wiggleman: I’m sad, @Jaguars.

@dsmooth17 wasn’t about identifying the problem, he wanted to find a solution, so he tweeted: You busy @davidgarrard9?

I’m not going to say this is a complete and total disaster for Blake Bortles, but I will say that he’s been benched for a guy who’s completed 42 passes since 2013. And yes, that’s 42 passes more than I’ve completed since 2013. But it’s 230 fewer than Blaine Gabbert, aka Plain Garbage, has completed since 2013.

I’m not saying that if you get benched for Chad Henne, you should quit. But I wouldn’t blame Bortles if he did.

Getting benched for Chad Henne is worse than getting cut, because at least when you get cut, you don’t have to watch Chad Henne play football. You can go do something else. You can take up a hobby, like golf or knitting or something. Instead, Bortles is forced to stand on the sideline and watch Chad Henne do Chad Henne things and know that he can’t even do Chad Henne things.

Chad Henne’s best quality as a quarterback is that he looks sort of like Ben Roethlisberger, if you’ve got bad vision and really squint. Unfortunately, as a quarterback, Chad Henne plays exactly like Chad Henne. There’s a reason why he only has 42 completions since 2013 and it’s not because he’s been saving his arm.

And now he’ll be playing more than Blake Bortles. That’s absolutely brutal, for Bortles, for the receivers, for everyone.

For a brief moment, there was a feeling that the Jags could sneak up on people this year. New coach, new direction, plenty of talent, but that’s been ripped away before the end of August. How are you feeling if you’re a Jags player right now? More importantly, how are you feeling if you’re Daneeka right now? AND THAT’S FOUR JAGS TAKES IN 7 DAYS. AND DON’T THINK I WON’T MAKE IT 5 IN 8. ESPECIALLY IF THESE GUYS LEAVE ME NO CHOICE.

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