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Russell Westbrook has flipped the switch to Beast Brook. But everybody can stop comparing him to Batman. Yes, he rocked a mask. No he’s not kicking it in Wayne Manor. Batman was just a rich brat who was bankrolled. He had some grappling hooks and an old butler. Westbrook has actual powers. If you saw his 4th straight triple double last night – you know Beastbrook looks nothing like the dark knight. Does that look like Batman? Does that remind you of Adam West climbing up the side of a building on a string?

Westbrook could jump over that building. He jumped over every dude playing for Philly. We didn’t see anybody that fast at the combine, and there’s nobody that freaky in a comic book. He’s The Flash, the Cap, The Silver Surfer, the Son of Jarrell with just a dash of Ninja Turtle. And he’s obviously got some Wolverine in his genes. Because he just dropped 49, 16, and 10 – four days after surgery for getting his faced caved in. No, the right comparison for Number 0, is the most powerful super hero of all- Number 45.

First dude to have four trip-dubs since Jordan in ’89. Love Steph, Brons’ the truth, and the Beard’s no joke… but if Russ hadn’t missed time with injury this year- he’d be pushing them all for MVP. . Instead he’s the NBA’s addition to The Avengers. If he can’t carry the Thunder to the Finals, he should set up a booth at ComicCon. Star Trek. Wonderwoman. Beastbrook. 49 points in a mask, tonight this dude should play in a cape.

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