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Bear Down? Sit Down!

The Bears franchise quarterback just got benched. Bear Down? Sit down! I wonder if Jay Cutler could even muster a shoulder shrug when he got the news. Because the rest of us either shook our head or had a laugh.

Cutler getting his job ripped by Jimmy Clausen is pretty hilarious. Is Bears-Lions being played in South Bend circa ’08? If so, Claw can just sling it to Golden Tate and chest bump Chuck Weis all day long. If not, the Bears are tossing the keys to a quarterback who hasn’t even started a game since 2010 in Carolina, and even then, it looked like Steve Smith wanted to break his face after every play. That’s the guy Cutler was benched for? HELL YES IT WAS.

I don’t care if the Bears signed CASEY Clausen and started him, they can’t just keep letting Cutty kill them. Yes his contract breaks the bank, but his right arm breaks their back. That’s why he’s now the highest paid backup of all time. He’s gone totally colorblind. I said it right here on Tuesday…he’s been horrible and it’s time for him to wear that. Now he’s wearing a headset.

And the Bears clearly want him wearing a different jersey. He obviously has no future there if he’s getting benched for the Claw. No…, this disasters isn’t all 6’s fault. Blame it on GM Phil Emery for bankrolling him, blame it on head coach Marc Trestman for not whispering to him, and go ahead and hang some on coordinator Aaron Kromer for carving and crying about him. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but Cutty didn’t do anything to help himself… and now it’s every man for himself there.

Smokin’ Jay better bring an extra pack of cigs on Sunday. I’ll say it again Jay… smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. You’re going to need ‘em.

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