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BBN. Must Be Nice.

Imagine how good you have to be… To roll into the Sweet 16 by double digits and hear that you’re dropping parts.

Breaking news – Cincinnati exposed the blue and provided a blue print!! It’s actually pretty easy. Just pray their shooters come out cold, work your backside off on the offensive glass, leave your heart and soul on the floor…. And Kentucky won’t run you right off it. They’ll just let you hang around a while before imposing their will and finishing the kill.

Get this straight: the Bearcats didn’t give UK a scare. They gave them a game. Did you really think Kentucky was just going to roll everybody by 30? They’re getting every team’s best shot. Just like they have for the last 36 straight. But it says here- that game didn’t expose a weakness for the Wildcats… It showed another strength – their ability to battle back and win with their B game.

To the question of how will Kentucky respond when they can’t hit a shot? By blocking nine shots. And by hitting “high percentage” shots like that hammer from the gods from Willie Cauley-Stein. Blue print? More like a body count. Look the hell out.

See that catatonic stare on Quadri Moore’s face? Hey man – “wanna get away?” Yeah…I don’t think he got the blue print. Because there really isn’t one. The Wildcats have not been exposed. The Bearcats didn’t give out Kentucky cliff’s notes. It’s only a question of whether the other team can give them a fight.

See you Thursday night.

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