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Baylor Is Getting Jammed

While Florida State is getting everything they deserve, Baylor is getting jammed. Hard.

The committee dropping Florida State to fourth is justifiable but ranking both TCU and Ohio State ahead of Baylor is a joke.

Are you 12 of the brightest minds in the country, or 12 mouthbreathing trolls looking for a reaction.

Having TCU ahead of Baylor flies against everything we’ve been taught about sports. That not only does head-to-head matter, but everything being equal, nothing matters more. And Baylor beat TCU. So they should be ranked ahead of them. Period.

But clearly the committee believes Baylor’s loss to West Virginia trumps their win over TCU. And it shouldn’t.

But even worse is the fact that they have Ohio State ranked ahead of Baylor, something that’s indefensible on every level. It’s almost like they want to keep TCU and Baylor separated in the rankings so they don’t have to talk about it. That or the committee obviously is impressed with Ohio State’s huge win over Minnesota. Unfortunately no one else is.

Now, if Baylor loses to Kansas State this weekend, none of this matters. But if they beat them, the rest should take care of itself. But based on what the committee has done to them, it probably won’t. Baylor beat TCU on the field, and that’s the only thing that should matter.

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