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Bart Scott on Doug Baldwin’s rant: ‘That was like a 2 on the Richter scale’

Doug Baldwin’s rant after yesterday’s NFC Championship game was “weak” says former NFL linebacker who delivered the epic “Can’t Wait” post-game interview in 2011, Bart Scott. The NFL Today on CBS analyst discussed Baldwin’s media lecture after the Seahawks’ comeback win to beat the underdog Green Bay Packers in overtime.

“That was like a 2 on the Richter scale,” Scott told The Jim Rome Show. “I don’t even feel an aftershock for that one.”

Scott says Baldwin’s perception of “them against the world” is all wrong and the wideout should be happy the Seahawks are heading back to the big game for a second year in a row after trailing Green Bay 19-7 late in the fourth quarter.

“Everyone picked them to go to the Super Bowl,” Scott said of Seattle. “Of course if Arizona stayed healthy I would still pick Arizona if they were to stay healthy, I felt they were the better football team. But come on man that took an act of God that’s almost like the Earnest Byner fumble for them to come back and win that game. Sometimes you just got to tip your hat off and thank the football gods for throwing you a bone.”

As for what Green Bay’s going through after their meltdown, Scott said he can relate after playing in 3 AFC Championship Games as a linebacker and losing all of them.

“It’s like death,” said Scott. “You can’t get that taste out of your mouth. You can’t.”

Scott said there’s nothing worse than losing in the conference championship game.

“It’s one thing to go to the Super Bowl, feel the festivities feel the confetti win the conference championship, but when you lose that game right before the game I mean there’s nothing worse,” said Scott. “It’s a burning sensation in your stomach, you don’t even want to go out, it’s hard to prepare for football, and it’s something that can define a team or ruin a team.”

  • Bart Scott
  • Jan 19th 2015

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