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Bart Scott

Info & Stats: Retired Hood Champ

All Topics: Doesn’t surprise him the Pats are being investigated for inflating footballs | Pats butt whipping of Indy | Pats always on the line | Pats not winning a Super Bowl in 10 years | Seattle’s biggest worries with New England | Green Bay deserving to win that game yesterday | Situational football | Marshawn Lynch | Green Bay lost that game | Bill Belichick and situational football | Morgan Burnett’s pick of Russell Wilson | Losing a Championship is like death | Russell Wilson | Wilson has a short memory | Seattle has to win now | Post game rants | Doug Baldwin’s rant | Baldwin’s rant compared to his | Baldwin’s rant was weak |

Jan 19th 2015

Bart on losing in a Conference Championship game: “It’s like death.”

  • Bart Scott
  • Jan 19th 2015

May 9th 2014

All Topics: NFL Draft | Him being undrafted out of Southern Illinois | Confidence and attitude | Adversity | Horse Whisperer | David West horse whispering Roy Hibbert | Jadeveon Clowney going first overall | J.J. Watt being in Houston will help Clowney | Johnny Manziel going to Cleveland | Manziel sliding is the best thing for him | Manziel in a NFL locker room |

Bart on the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel: “I think Cleveland’s the perfect small market place for him to go.”

  • Bart Scott
  • May 9th 2014

Feb 28th 2014

All Topics: Newest member of the CBS ‘The NFL Today’ team | Now officially retired | Had NFL workouts planned with teams before taking new position at CBS | Jim Harbaugh trade rumors | Jim Harbaugh’s accomplishments already | Jim Harbaugh vs. Trent Baalke | Who should 49ers ownership side with? | Richie Incognito is out of control | Racial slurs on the football field | Redskins name | Riley Cooper’s contract | Darren Sharper situation | There is clearly something wrong with Darren Sharper | Johnny Manziel |

Bart on being the newest member of the CBS ‘The NFL Today’ team: “It’s a tremendous opportunity and a blessing.”

  • Bart Scott
  • Feb 28th 2014

Jan 29th 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | It’s never been this brutally cold in New York | Weather as a factor in the Super Bowl? | Explains why he’s still the Hood Champ | Richard Sherman’s post-game interview | Sherman needs to own it | The perception of the Jets when he played | Marshawn Lynch not wanting to talk to the media | Jonathan Martin’s interview with Tony Dungy | Dolphins bullying situation | Anybody can get bullied |

The Hood Champ on the weather in New York right now:It’s never been this brutally cold.”

  • Bart Scott
  • Jan 29th 2014

Sep 5th 2013

All Topics: Life is good | Leaving the game | Thought the best thing was leaving the game with a little left in the gas tank | Working in the media | Being a wordsmith | New York media jerks | There are jerks everywhere | Real journalists are fighting the blog nation | Media business changing | Him being critical of the media in the past | Being an honest person | Football is a game of trial and error | Riley Cooper getting in a fight with Cary Williams today at Eagles practice | Cary and he sharing the same agent | Riley Cooper needing to pay the price? | Men need to address their problems | Rex Ryan being humbled | Rex will still have fire | Doesn’t think Mark Sanchez will be a Jet next season | Ray Lewis | Lewis’ speeches | His comedy jams after Ray’s speeches | We use to always tease Ray about his speeches | Ray’s conspiracy theory about the league shutting the lights off at the Super Bowl | Brian Urlacher sharing secrets now | Urlacher leaving Chicago in a non-heroic way |

Bart on retiring from football: “I thought the best thing was to leave the game with a little left in the gas tank.”

  • Bart Scott
  • Sep 5th 2013

Oct 28, 2010:

Topics: 2010 Season | Hood champ | Feeling great right now | Bye week helps with getting guys healthy | Swagger | We are made for TV; the league is getting to corporate and PC | Understand what the NFL is doing with the safety; but why want a 18 game season? | I can’t change my game | Spinal cord injuries | Lowering your target when tackling is not the answer | NFL Instructional Video; confused him even more | Dunta Robinson’s hit was textbook | Ray Lewis | Baltimore Raven days | Learning how to be a professional | Trevor Pryce | Pryce coming over was 100 percent Rex Ryan | Rex Ryan’s loyalty | Growing up | Unbeaten hood champ | He’s been beating Antonio Gates since high school |

  • Bart Scott
  • Oct 28, 2010 Interview

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