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Barry Church on Philly’s O: ‘I feel like it’s a real simple offense’

Dallas’ safety Barry Church believes the season is on the line Sunday night when the Cowboys play the Eagles in Philadelphia. After the Eagles 33-10 Thanksgiving day drudging of the Cowboys, another Dallas loss would essentially put them two games back in the NFC East with only 2 games to play.

“It’s definitely a must win,” Church told The Jim Rome Show. “I feel like either we are going to get in or they or going to get in from our division.”

Despite being 9-4, Church believes there’s just not a lot of wiggle room in their conference’s playoff race.

“With all the good teams in the NFC, there’s not a lot of leeway for teams,” said Church. “So, we’re definitely going to have to win this head-to-head matchup against them and have to win out in order to make the playoffs.”

Church said his team’s lack of discipline on defense, and not the complexity of Philly’s scheme is what hurt them on Thanksgiving.

“I feel like it’s a real simple offense,” said Church. “They really run about 3 or 4 plays, but they run it at such a high tempo it forces defenses to take a breath here or take a play off and that’s where they hit you.”

The safety says that’s how Philly was able to run for 256 yards when in Dallas.

“They run it so fast and so efficient it gets you off your schemes and you become undisciplined like we did in that first game and they hit for huge yardages.”

The undrafted safety out of Toledo also took a second to reflect on last week’s win over Chicago and what it meant for him and the organization, breaking their current 3-season streak of going 8-8.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s my first time being over .500 since I’ve been with this organization,” said Church. “I feel like we could have gotten over the hump a couple years ago but it just seemed like we couldn’t get over, but now this year, we did it for the first time.”

But Church says the playoffs are the goal.

“We are just looking to win these last couple games to get into this tournament.”

  • Barry Church
  • Dec 10th 2014

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