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I believe it was NBA free agent Andrew Bynum who was asked once if he was worried that Lakers might trade him, and said – “there’s a bank in every city.”

He’s right. There is a bank in every city. Including Chicago… Memphis… and the District.

I also believe it was the very well-financed, exceedingly slick thief, Hans Gruber, who once said “Shoot the glass.”

Well a bunch of dudes took that order at the buzzer, and put going glass back on the map.

At some point, the bank-shot became the second class citizen of shooting the ball. Think bank shots are stupid and ugly? Think they’re not cool? Tell that to Derrick Rose.

Think making a bucket off the window should only be worth 1 point? Tell that to Marc Gasol.

Think it doesn’t count if you don’t call Glass? Paul Pierce, spit some truth.

Hell yes he did. And in the hipster age where everything old is cool again- I think going glass is the new waxing your mustache.

I think we’ve all played in a YMCA or a driveway where one dude shoots straight-on banks and drives everybody crazy*. It’s annoying. It almost feels like cheating. And it always leads to WINNING.

I don’t know why more guys in the NBA don’t do it. There’s a big ol square painted right on the backboard to aim at. DeAndre Jordan should try banking his throws and I bet he gets better.

The Atlanta Hawks twitter even tried to start a petition to ban bank shots on game winners. Why not just take the backboard down all together? Bank shots are hot right now. They’re badass in billiards, they’re on fire in basketball. The only people who really have a problem with them, are the teams that just got beat by them. And you can take that to the bank.

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