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Band Up, Man Up

Raise your hand – if you really care about LeBron’s headband. I don’t.

I get it- it’s the largest headband in the world. He rocks it to cover his hairline. It’s the Bret Michaels bandana of the NBA. We’ve known that for years. So I don’t care whether he wears it or not.

But apparently Bron does. He wore it for Game 2, he dominated Game 2, and he should never take that thing off again. Because he says he ditched the band to look more like his teammates. And that’s the problem. When the Bulls smacked Cleveland on their home floor in Game1 – LeBron looked EXACTLY like his teammates. Nothing special. Not aggressive. Not a contender. Kevin Love is done. JR Swish was on the bench again. The last thing the Cavs needed was LeBron “fitting in.” They needed him to stand out.

Look like his teammates? Who – Iman Shumpert and Timmy Mozgov? Bron you shouldn’t even be looking like Steph Curry or James Harden. If you’re about to go down 0-2, you need to look like the most dominant freak in the league. And once he banded up, he did.

Forget winning a title, or winning the East- the only way they’re winning this series is riding that beast.

I get that Bron wants to be a team player. And looking that Costco sized headband was some sort of symbolic gesture to fit in. But the option of being “just one of the guys” went out to the window when one of your best guys got his arm ripped off. Band up. Man up.

If the sweaty tarp of elastic makes you stand out- wear that thing 24/7. Every rose has its thorn. Every King has its crown. Cleveland’s not looking for you to fit in, they need you to throw down. They may have the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, but right now C-town’s greatest band is the one wrapped around Bron’s melon.

And If LBJ looks like his teammates…. Ooooooooooooooooh Cavs are screwed-ah!!!!

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