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Baltimore’s Off-Season

The Ravens are off and running. If NFL offseason arrests were the NCAA tournament, Baltimore would be the Big Blue Nation. The #1 overall seed.

Even after the nightmare of last year, 3 Ravens have already been arrested in the last 6 weeks, including 2 for drunk driving. Quoting the greatest Raven ever – THAT’S TWO FOR YOU!! And running back Bernard Pierce is the latest, and definitely the dumbest.

Because Pierce was arrested for DUI on the night of St. Patrick’s Day. And that’s a classic bad decision cliche. Every holiday has a mistake you just CANNOT make, but every year geniuses still do.

Blowing off your digits with a homemade m80 on July 4th. Forgetting to hit the Hallmark aisle on Valentine’s day. Handing out raisins on Halloween. Spending Cinco De Drinko puking Cuervo in a cab. And worst of all- drinking on St. Patty’s and choosing not to call one.

Bernard Pierce apparently hit so much green beer, that he said to the arresting officers. “Do you know what happen the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow, not like you care.”

No, Bernard, he doesn’t care. He’s a police officer. He’s paid to keep dudes like you off the street.

I’ll give you this, though: you were dead on about getting cut. Only good call you made all night. Because the Ravens whacked him the very next day. That was a no-brainer.

Question is, what will the Ravens do when a guy they actually care about and need breaks the law. We’ll see how tough they are then. And believe me, with this team it’s only a matter of when.

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