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Ball Up, Bri

Brian Hoyer: has managed to hold off Johnny Football for one more Sunday. He will get the start against Indy over Johnny Manziel.

This cat better come out firing because you know he’ll be on a short leash. Talk about looking over your shoulder. Every drive could be his last.

Personally, I think it’s the wrong call. Sure, starting Manziel is a risk. But not starting him is a bigger risk. Starting him won’t prevent you from making the playoffs. But not starting him might. And enough already about Hoyer being 10-5 overall as a starter. In this case, forget his body of work and look at his last 4 games: 1 T.D., 6 picks, and complete loss of mojo. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse and we all know which way the Destroyer’s going: down.

But don’t take my word for it: listen to what Browns d-end Billy Winn had to say before the decision was announced: “(Manziel) went out there and made everything come to life.”

Translation: Hoyer is killing us. Get him off the field and it’s no coincidence that a defensive guy felt the offense needed some life. Dudes on dee hate picks, and Hoyer’s been a pick machine of late.

Ball up, Bri. Your first pick to the Colts could be your last pass for the Browns.

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